About Mt. Scott Fuel Co.

Mt. Scott Fuel is nearing 95 years old. It was started in the Lent's district in 1919 by Edward Tyler and an uncle named Barker. The business was then known as Hazelwild Fuel Co. They worked together for a while but soon split up. The business was soon moved to the present Foster Rd. location and as the area was called Mt. Scott, the name was changed to Mt. Scott Fuel Co. Soon after this Edward's son Orvil joined the business and worked until his death. At that time Oscar Tyler, Edward's other son joined his father in business. In the early days the business was only a firewood business.

The partners and their employees logged most of the top of Mt Scott with horses and wagons. They kept the horses in large old circus tent on top of the mountain. They cut the old growth fir trees into 4 foot lengths, and then split into cord wood.

Then with a wagon and sled pulled by the horses they hauled the wood to the edge of the hill. The wood was then thrown into a dry wood flume that they had built and sent to an area near Foster Rd. They either hauled it to the wood yard or to our customers where they piled it on the curb to dry all summer.

In the fall cutters with truck mounted saws would come around in the neighborhoods, for a fee they would cut the wood into the proper lengths for the people so they could put it away for the winter.

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